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Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Day Sketching With Calvin

Still trying to get this sketching thing down, so when a friend came to town, we decided to sketch our way through the day.

     We began at Flying Cranes, a restaurant on Larchmere where I ordered a pot of roasted maccha-genmai tea and udon noodles cooked in fish broth with tofu pockets.  (Genmai contains pieces of popped rice, which I find not only to be a tasty addition to the green tea, but very enjoyable to sniff, as it gives off a most pleasant aroma.)

     With warmed, satiated bellies, we crossed the street and enjoyed perusing Loganberry Book Store.  If you haven't been, I highly recommend that you do. It has a personality all its' own and suggests that one sits and just absorb the world of books.  (That blue thing is a sofa with pillows.)

     We popped into Strong Bindery (located inside the bookstore) and gave Ellie Strong a cheery 'hello!"  I know her from Art Books Cleveland, and if you ever need a book bound, she's the one to see.

     Then, off to the Cleveland Museum of Art, where Calvin's goal was to sketch the Torso of Venus.

     I didn't have a good view of it, so I chose to sketch Calvin's feet - as he sketched.

     I had never noticed how extraordinary long his feet are.  Drawing makes one more observant, but I wondered how I had missed this trait, especially with all the flip flops that I've seen him wear.  Then, he shared with me that he had liked the shoes so much, that he purchased them despite his size not being available.

     How funny!  My husband had done the same thing years ago.  He had bought a pair of indoor track shoes (his size was sold out) and over time, the toes curled up.  It was a distinctive look.

     In case you're wondering if there is something wrong with the leg of the woman sitting in the chair.... there isn't.  She had it bent that way, and I simply drew what I saw.  I probably should have waited until she moved.