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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fairground Memories

You know how one thing leads to another thing to another thing, until.....

     Well, earlier this year, I was watching a documentary about the history of Cedar Point and the many changes that it has gone through.   It's had quite a roller coaster ride of its own since opening in 1870 as a summer picnic destination.  First, its popularity would soar.... only to hit hard times (like the Depression and WWII) and take a plunge..... only to be revived, once again. This happened more than once, until evolving into what it is today.

     (I really enjoyed the show, and if I could only find it listed somewhere, I would give you a link.  I have checked PBS, the Travel Channel, Discovery, History, etc., but for some reason, I cannot find it.   Maybe you'll have better luck.)

     Anyway, it got me to reminiscing about Gwynn Oak, the amusement park that my parents would take me to.... a very long time ago.  One of my favorite rides was the Tilt-A-Whirl as it was so interactive.  I mean, you had to really work at times, to make your car go round 'n round.  Depending upon how many people were in the car and the way the weight was distributed, determined how thrilling or dull, the ride might be.

     There were times, when no matter how hard we leaned, while sliding from one end of the seat to the other, the car wouldn't spin even once.  And other times, we'd struggle to regain our land legs at the end of the ride, because we were positively giddy from all the consecutive spins.

    As these things go, I became obsessed with creating the Tilt-A-Whirl in a pen 'n ink drawing.  Stippling (small dots) is one of my favorite techniques, though it can be a bit time-consuming.  With Copic markers providing the color, this is the end result.

     This week, I'll donate it to the Morgan Conservatory, in hopes that it will bring a dollar or two in their upcoming annual silent auction.