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Monday, April 14, 2014

Cassie's Hands

Remember autograph books?  Every spring I would go to Murphy's (as in G. C. Murphy five and dime) get a new autograph book and have my teacher and classmates write a message and sign it.  We all did it.  It's what everyone did in elementary school.... at least, during the '50's.

     There was something about all those blank pages just waiting for that personal touch.  Now, I wish I had saved mine, but I have a tendency to shed things.

     For the last few months, I have not been able to shake off the memories of those books, and I think now, that I know why.  It's time for an updated autograph book.... but, with a different slant.

     So, I bought a 9"x12" Bee Paper Aquabee sketchbook with 93 lb drawing paper, so that I could use both dry and wet media.  And, I began to trace the hands of various people in my life.

     I talk to them a bit about their interests or whatever, and see what their favorite colors might be.  And from there, I develop a page.

     Cassie's Hands is the first page that I've finished.  She is a young friend of mine (age not quite in the double digits) with a wonderful curiosity and enthusiasm for.... well, nearly everything it seems.

     I chose to feature her love for giraffes and mangoes.

     This is my first real 'full page' attempt at working with mixed media.  All I can say is 'that's it's a real learning process."

     And, as these things go, the page is a bit oversized for my scanner, so I had to photograph it and then crop my table out of the image.