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Monday, January 27, 2014

Gelli Printing

One of the wonderful things about plummeting temperatures and bitter wind chills is that I am become captive within my home.   Self-imposed captivity, to be sure, but while 'one' implies that there are other benefits to this weather, well…… actually, I can't think of any.  (In fact, I've been whining a lot.  Not good.  I must learn to embrace the cold and…. What, who am I kidding?  The sub-zero temps have made me delusional.)

     So, when I learned of Carla Sonheim's online mini-course for monoprinting with a Gelli plate, I was primed to learn something new that would infuse some fresh creative air into my life. 

     And, it gave me a reason to visit Prizm!  I needed a few colors of acrylic paint (I bought Golden), some hot press watercolor paper, card stock and a brayer.  Not a lot of supplies.  Just enough.

     Our first day's assignment was to play with squirting paint onto the Gelli plate, roll it around and then press our paper onto the plate.  We did that a few times and were then given the option of posting some of our pieces onto flickr.

     At first, I wasn't going to do that - post to flickr, that is - as I don't fully understand how to use it.  But, I thought….. well, I'm part of a class, and posting my in-progress art might be helpful to others, as well as to myself.  (It certainly provides some objectivity.)  

     So, after a few false starts, I uploaded some of my 'art' and was pleasantly surprised to receive some kind comments from classmates and Carla shortly after.

     This is my favorite print, as I really like the colors and the effects that happened without any doing on my part.  Having little control over the outcome is one of the cool things about this process.

      And, it gives me a 'safe' way of working with abstract forms.

     I don't know what Carla has planned for us next, but already, I feel stimulated from breathing the fresh artistic air that this class is providing.