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Thursday, November 7, 2013

cloudless, autumn sky

cloudless, autumn sky
yellow leaves dance the tango
lovers lean to touch

A few years ago on a Saturday afternoon in early autumn, I was returning home from a walk with my dog.  

     As we approached the back steps, he slowly turned and began angling towards a black metal chair on the patio.  (We have sat on it often.) He paused and looked at me.  "I have a great idea," he said silently.  I voiced my agreement. He positioned himself a bit more so that I could pick him up, and we sat down with him on my lap.

     The day was that perfect kind of gorgeous.  The sun shining brightly.  The temperature neither too warm or cool. In the words of Goldilocks, 'it was just right.'

     Gazing upward, I was struck by the incredibly beautiful Persian-blue sky with barely a cloud.  I turned my attention to the birch trees in our garden and noticed a few yellow leaves drifting down to join others that had already fallen.

     As I watched those leaves, I thought of my friend who had just taken up the tango.  She'd mentioned that leaning into one's partner is a part of this complex dance form.

     My thoughts melded….  a haiku was born.