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Friday, September 27, 2013

Reflections in Glass

While reflections in water stir my imagination and cause my thoughts to meander, reflections in glass
Museum Of Contemporary Art
bring about an acute awareness of my immediate surroundings.  I become very much in the present, in the now. It's fun to be able to look ahead and behind simultaneously!

    This past January, I visited the recently opened MOCA with a friend and loved all the reflections happening on the exterior.  Later, I read that it is a mirror-finish black Rimex stainless steel. Pretty cool.

     Often, when I tell folks that I go to MoCa every Monday to work on art, they think that I'm referring to the museum and wonder why I travel that far.

     But actually, I'm going to the coffee house and cafe MoCa located on Clifton Blvd. (Btw, if you haven't been, it's a great place. Friendly staff. Better coffee than the Starbucks a few blocks west - I'm not a fan of Starbucks.  And more food offerings, such as breakfast bagels, soup, sandwiches, etc.)

     I had stepped outside to take a photo of the 'art studio' that I setup wherever I go, and didn't realize until later that there were some great reflections going on.

     Those are Prismacolor Verithin color pencils in the open tin; my Kindle Fire HD, which is loaded with reference material for kickstarting creativity; my wonderful lunch box stuffed with Nupastels, Micron pens, Derwent Inktense watersoluable ink pencils,  sharpeners and more; and of course, a large cup of caffeine.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Watery Reflections

Penitentiary Glen
What is it about watery reflections?  Something is evoked, but I cannot put my finger onto what 'it' is.  Certainly, my thoughts become detached from the present.  (Ah, what would the Zen masters say about that?)  But, seeing the upside down view definitely stirs my imagination.

    I was walking through Penitentiary Glen Nature Center in Willoughby with a friend and though chatting, we spoke with hushed, library voices. When the path led us to this small pond, we went quiet.  It was a glorious day, and as you can see, the sky was a bright blue.

     Without a word, we each went our own way to savor this wondrous scene.

    With over 150 canals in Venice, it is impossible to not see watery reflections.  They are everywhere! Looking directly at the water, I saw a lot of murkiness and.... well, it wasn't something that I wanted to slip and fall into. I hear that that has happened.  Ugh.

A canal in Venice
     But, when I took in the whole scene, I was stunned by the reflected beauty.